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Pizza (ピッツァ pittsa?) is the Zonderian form of the Red Planet cyborg Soldato J-002. When his fight against Arm Primeval resulted in a stalemate, he was forced to retreat into the newly-created wastelands of his planet. There, he was found by the Zonderian Pinchernone, and converted into a Zonderian himself. Most of his memories as a Soldato Battalion cyborg were sealed in the process.

Subsequently served the Heart Primeval Terminal Program Pasder as one of the Four Machine Kings. Most of the Zonders he helped create were aerial or airbone in nature. Quite unlike the other Machine Kings, he did not hesitate to become personally involved—particularly in fighting Cyborg Guy, who became a recurring rival of his.

In human form, Pizza's eyes are always hidden behind his baseball cap and long, upswept hair, making his beaklike nose his most prominent feature; his Zonderian form is quite birdlike, complete with beak helmet/facemask and clawed feet. Obsessed with speed, Pizza is faster than his "rival" Guy by far; only when Guy activates his Hyper Mode does he come close to matching Pizza's velocity.

Prior to the final battle between the Four Machine Kings and GGG in Tokyo, he fused with a supersonic plane to form the Zonderian Robo EI-26. This form was destroyed with GaoGaiGar's Goldion Hammer; Pizza narrowly escaped disintegration himself, though he emerged from the battle severely weakened. His final fight with Cyborg Guy prior to the re-emergence of EI-01 in 2005 caused him to fully remember certain details of his past and purpose. This drove him to rebel against Pasder, saving Guy, Mamoru Amami and Galeon from certain death, but leaving Pizza himself critically wounded and in a near-death state. At this point his J-Jewel, which was suppressed within his Zonderian form, reactivated and caused him to burst from the former site of Tokyo Tower coated in a J-Quath effect - this was presumed to be the end of Pizza.

When the Arma assigned to him reinitialized prior to the re-emergence of EI-01, he sought out and performed Purification on Pizza, restoring Soldato J's own memory and true form.