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Polonaise (ポロネズ poronezu?) is one of the Four Machine Kings. He took the form of a man dressed in old-fashioned clothing with a caterpillar-like engine of a locomotive for a head. In human form he resembles an elderly, heavyset gentleman, dressed in a fine suit but with his hair growing down all the way to the floor. His eyes remain perpetually covered in sunglasses and his pipe stays ever-present in hand, making the sound of a train whistle when blown. His Zonders tended to be train or subway-themed. He, along with Primarda, helped power the growing Zonder Metal Plant during the Great Tokyo Upheaval by combining with a train, making himself EI-28. He was defeated by ChoRyuJin when the robot used his Power Crane/Ladder to run him and Primada together.

After Primada's death he fled to Tokyo Tower, only to be found and Purified by Mamoru Amami. After Purification he resembled his human form but in Grecian clothing like that of the people of the Green Planet, but quickly dissolved into the air. He and Primarda were married before becoming Zonderians.