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Named for the planet Saturn. Fought in Vladivostok, Repli-Russia. Volfogg's counterpart in the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol, Polturn resembled a tall, dark-armored samurai. Polturn used two short swords under his complete control, and could spin like a top, similar to Big Volfogg's Daikaiten Daimadan. He also possessed onboard Mirror Coating and Holographic Camouflage. It is likely that his swords were controlled in the same manner as GunDober and GunGlue, as he displayed the ability to control the latter two remotely and make them attack Big Volfogg. Whether he could actually combine with them as Volfogg could is unexplored.

Destroyed through a direct attack to his Loud G-Stone with Volfogg's Silver Cross after being tricked by him and Kit Number 08. Polturn was then replicated several dozen times by Pisa Sol, but all of these faded away with its destruction.