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Primarda (プリマーダ purimaada?) is one of the Four Machine Kings. She resembles a woman fused to a car or motorcycle, with tires acting as skirt and shoulder decorations, antennae on her head, and headlights. Her human form resembles a ballerina, and she is often seen dancing around Pasder's cave and her human victims. Her Zonders usually had something to do with motorized vehicles. During the Great Tokyo Upheaval she helped power the growing Zonder Metal Plant and Contra Fall barrier with Polonaise by fusing with Tokyo's Capital Circle Expressway, turning herself into EI-29. She was defeated along with Polonaise when ChoRyuJin used his Power Crane and Ladder to run them into each other.

After she was defeated and managed to reform herself, she ran to destroy ChoRyuJin only to come into contact with the robot's exposed GS-Ride and be destroyed by the sudden contact with G-Stone energies. She was married to Polonaise prior to becoming a Zonderian.