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The primary defensive technique used by GaoGaiGar-series Super Mechanoids, based on the Purification defensive technique used by people of the Green Planet. The user raises its "Protect" left hand to generate an energy-deflecting barrier, projected from a quartet of bubbles on the forearm. Narrow energy weapons fired at this barrier will be focused, traced into the shape of a pentagram and fired back at the target. It has also been used to blow away sea water to expose a submerged opponent (in shallows), and can be activated around GaoGaiGar's entire body. The GGG Orbit Base was equipped with Protect Shade generators mounted on several pylons which could form a complete defensive barrier - unlike GaoGaiGar's, this was likely to cause stress to the Orbit Base anyway, and had an extremely long recharge time. There was also a 3-millimeter hole in the barrier, which was used by the Magnificent 7 Primevals to infiltrate and attack the Orbit Base.

When leashed by a Phantom Ring or Program Ring, Protect Shade becomes the wider, stronger Protect Wall.

Genesic GaoGaiGar's was the original version of Protect Shade, employing unfurling vanes on the "Protect" wrist. As with all of Genesic's other abilities, this version was vastly more powerful and wider in radius than any Earth-made version. Rather than returning the attack in pentagram form, it released a massive wave of the Genesic Aura on contact with an enemy attack that destroyed everything in a massive area centered on GaoGaiGar. However, this move was also GaoGaiGar's weakest point, as the vanes were prone to destruction, the act of doing which would make Protect Shade unusable.