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Star GaoGaiGar's Protect Wall

GaoFighGar's Protect Wall

Originally used with Star GaoGaiGar, Protect Wall has come to be the term for any upgraded version of a Protect Shade technique. Protect Wall is characterized by a higher defensive rating as well as a vastly wider area of protection.

The original, used by Star GaoGaiGar, uses a Phantom Ring leashed around the left nacelle of StealthGao II - this increases the radius of protection to more suitable dimensions for space combat, and at least doubles (if not more) the amount of damage that can be taken. Unfortunately, the Phantom Ring is prone to destruction. GaoFighGar solves this problem by using a Program Ring deployed from the abdominal cavity of PhantomGao. This version has negligible benefits compared with the Phantom Ring version (except perhaps in defensive power), but cannot be destroyed due to being made of energy. Unlike Star GaoGaiGar's Broken Phantom, which takes a longer time to execute, there is no change in the deployment time of either version of Protect Wall.