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Purification is a technique that is used by people of the Green Planet as a defensive move - Latio was born with the ability to use it in the alternative means emphasized during the series. As performed by Latio, Purification is the practice of "purifying" a host being of Zonder Metal, or reducing a Primeval to a dormant Z Crystal. This typically cannot be done unless the bare core of the Zonder or Primeval is isolated first. Purification is normally used in this manner by Latio and Arma, who was bio-engineered to duplicate the ability. Guy Shishioh gained the ability to use Purification upon becoming an Evoluder. Mikoto Utsugi has also performed the technique together with Mamoru and Guy, though she has not been shown to be able to do it on her own.

Purification can be used to remove influences other than Zonder Metal. Guy's Evoluder body was created as a result of using Purification on his Zonder Metal-saturated cyborg body, and Mikoto has used it with Mamoru to free Guy from the hold of mind-controlling Chemical Bolts. In Hakaiou - GaoGaiGar vs Betterman, Purification can be used to remove the influence of Triple Zero on an infected Super-AI or Zero Core, but doing so requires two Purifiers to work together.

When Mamoru performs Purification, he raises his left hand with middle and index fingers extended, speaks the Latin phrase "Curatio teneritas, sectio, salus, coctura!" then points the fingers at the subject to purify. As with all other techniques of the Green Planet, this chant is integral to the technique's use. To Purify Primeval cores, Mamoru is taught a special version of Purification by Cain that uses both hands - this version includes Mamoru releasing an orange energy ripple oddly similar in appearance to the Genesic Aura.

When Purification is executed by Kaidou, he speaks a different Latin phrase: "Temperum mundus infinitum redire!" then spreads his arms outward to purify subject.

The original function of Purification was the inspiration for Protect Shade. This function forms a barrier that can deflect or even repel enemy attacks. Mamoru only uses Purification in this function once, however, to defeat Pei La Cain.