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RaiRyuu (雷龍), GGG Super-AI Vehicle Machine, model number GBR-7. RaiRyuu's vehicle form is a dump truck, and he attacks with lightning (when he does so, he shouts "Lei!", the pronounciation of the character for "lightning" in Chinese, 雷). In robot form, he uses the dump truck's scoop as a shield. RaiRyuu can also use the scoop as a hoverboard for flight. Unfortunately, he has the same unfortunate habit as EnRyuu does: the inability to land correctly after aerial deployment. Unike EnRyuu, RaiRyuu does not overcome this difficulty.

Has a similar personality to EnRyuu, and is considered the younger "brother". Forms GekiRyuuJin with FuuRyuu and GenRyuuJin with HyouRyuu . His name means "Thunder Dragon". An interesting note is that the kanji for the "Dragon" section of his name uses the Chinese traditional version as opposed to his Japanese brothers, probably referencing his country of manufacture, China.

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