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The Red Planet (赤の星 Aka No Hoshi?) is a desert planet in the Trinary Solar System. It is the home planet of Abel and Arma. Soldato J-002 hails from this planet - due to the intense heat he grew up with, he finds the heat generated by Renais Kerdif-Shishioh to be nothing.

The wings of the people of the Red Planet resembled those of a phoenix. They possessed telekinetic abilities said to be superior to those of the people of the Green Planet. They also took a more traditional approach to warfare, building battleships and arming their Giant Mechanoids with more traditional cannon-type weapons than the "Super Robot"-style weapons of Super Mechanoids. Like the Purple Planet, they possessed ES Window technology and incorporated it into their ES Missile weaponry. They also were the developers of Generating Armor, a simultaneously offensive and defensive mechanism that was mounted on all of their battleships.

Ultimately the Red Planet would be mechanized, though it left behind a legacy in the form of what would be fated to become as terrible a threat as the Z-Master itself - the 11 Planetary Masters of Sol.