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Components: Repli-GaiGar (Repli-Mamoru + Repli-Galeon) + Pas-Q Machine + Q-GaoMachines

Seen in GaoGaiGar FINAL episode 2, Repli-StarGaoGaiGar is the result of Final Fusion performed between Repli-GaiGar and the Chinese Aeronautics Division's prototype Q-GaoMachines, with the complete Pas-Q Machine supercharging the result. It is capable of using all of abilities used by the original Star GaoGaiGar, but at a higher level of power (performing identically to GaoFighGar's usage of the same abilities until Guy becomes enraged at the near-death of ChouRyuJin, and by extension, HyoRyu and EnRyu). Like the original, it is capable of using Hell and Heaven, which is shown to be able to even shatter the Goldion Hammer, with no damage to Repli-Mamoru.

Despite its enhanced strength and power, however, it was destroyed in Osaka in combat with GaoFighGar.