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Rose Approval

Stern, aged Secretary General of the United Nations. First appeared in the PlayStation video game King of Braves GaoGaiGar: Blockaded Numbers, and later in GaoGaiGar FINAL. She seems to have a long-standing relationship with Kohtaroh Taiga and Geki Hyuuma, possibly going back to when the men were children (she thinks of them as "Kohtaroh-Bouya" and "Geki-Bouzu," distinctly childish modes of referral), and goes out of her way to protect their and GGG's actions if necessary.

Her direct authorization is required to use GaoGaiGar's NASA-developed Grand Pressure tool. Following the formation of the Gutsy Galaxy Guard, her approval is technically also required for use of the Goldion Hammer (and Goldion Crusher) before they are deployed, though the keys given to Taiga (and later, Noriyuki Yaginuma and Swan White) represent her approval by proxy to the GGG personnel in the field.