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Concept Art of Shou Yanagi.


Shou Yanagi.

Shou Yanagi (八七木 翔 Yanagi Shou?) is a twenty-four year old Head Diver, who is usually partnered with Kaede Kurenai. Although he often shows a collected personality in front of others, he suffers from psychological trauma from when his younger brother was killed in an accident while testing early Neuronoid models. Seeing Keita Aono reminds him of his brother, causing him to break down on several occasions. He is a powerful hypnotist, and is able to hypnotize others merely by looking into their eyes. He is devoted to his partner Kaede, and after announcing her pregnancy, marries her before the final battle. He is tragically killed along with his new bride when she seemingly succumbs to Algernon and kills them both. Shou is voiced by Shinichiro Miki.