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As seen in the PlayStation videogame King of Braves GaoGaiGar: Blockaded Numbers. King J-Der can also interface GaoGaiGar's Goldion Hammer tool with its Jewel Generator, creating a Silverion Hammer for its specific use. The Silverion Hammer, relative to King J-Der, is actually the size of a normal mallet. King J-Der, being vastly larger and tougher structurally than GaoGaiGar, can use the Silverion Hammer without damage to itself. When used, King J-Der displays the following attacks.

  • J-Der Hell: King J-Der strikes the enemy with the Silverion Hammer, breaking apart its barrier and weakening its structure. It then strikes the enemy with the fingers on its left hand, breaking the now-brittle shell apart and wedging the Zonder Core (Cores in the case of the combined EI-72 and EI-73, on whom this technique was used) in the barrels of its Maser Cannons.
  • J-Der Heaven: King J-Der pulls back its left hand, retrieving the Zonder Core it obtained with J-Der Hell.
  • Hikari Ni Nare: Using the Silverion Hammer, King J-Der dissolves the enemy into light.