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Members of the Soldato division.

The Soldato division is an army of cyborg soldiers created by Abel of the Red Planet in order to halt the advance of the Master Program that controls all Zonder Metal, the Z-Master.

After the Purple Planet of the Trinary Solar System became the first to be turned into Zonderians due to losing control over their own creation, Abel created the J-Jewel by reverse-engineering Cain's G-Stone, and outfitted the Soldato division with them, along with clones of Latio (called Arma) and a fleet of large battleships, each known as J-Ark.

However, this failed and the Red Planet fell to mechanization at the hands of the 31 Machine Primevals. There were only two surviving members of this division, Soldato J-002 and Soldato J-019 (who was under the control of the 31 Machine Primevals and had his J-Jewel replaced by a Zonder Crystal).