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Symmetrical Docking is a process where two Super-AI robots combine to form a more powerful robot in the style of each robot forming one half of the body and then linking up in a way that one robot forms the left half while the second robot forms the right half. The robots must have a high SympaRate to perform Symmetrical Docking.

Units formed from Symmetrical Docking[]

The units listed below are formed when their SympaRate is at the set target: 100%.

HyouRyuu and EnRyuu.
FuuRyuu and RaiRyuu .
KouRyuu and AnRyuu.
GetsuRyuu and NichiRyuu.

Crossover-themed formations[]

These formations are formed between partners that were not intended to combine with each other. Despite having compatible hardware, dedicated programs were never written. As such, these combinations can only be formed with the aid of exposure to The Power (or its precursor, Triple Zero) and their SympaRate's rising to 200%. They are simply two or more pairings exchanging partners with each other.

HyouRyuu and RaiRyuu.
FuuRyuu and EnRyuu.
KouRyuu and NichiRyuu.
GetsuRyuu and Anryuu.

Trinity Docking[]

ShouRyuu has the ability to combine with any symmetrically docked robot; the resulting combination has the prefix "Shou-" (meaning "flying") added to its name.

  • ShouChouRyuuJin: Original design
Hyouryuu, Enryuu, and ShouRyuu.
  • ShouSeiRyuuJin
GetsuRyuu, NichiRyuu, and ShouRyuu.
  • ShouKiRyuuJin
KouRyuu, NichiRyuu, and ShouRyuu.
  • ShouGekiRyuuJin: Simulated only
FuuRyuu, RaiRyuu, and ShouRyuu.
  • ShouTenRyuuJin: Simulated only
KouRyuu, Anryuu, and ShouRyuu.


Notes & Trivia[]

  • All of the units formed through Symmetrical Docking have the suffix "-RyuuJin" (竜神) or (龍神) which is translates to the English phrase "Dragon God".
  • While Volfogg can also combine together with robots, he does not undergo Symmetrical Docking as he is not constructed as being able to form a half of a combined form's body and the Gun Machines, GunDober and GunGlue, are not Super-AI units.