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A SympaRate measures the empathy and synchronization between two Super-AI Robots.

In the case of the Dragons of GGG, they are tied to SympaRate by default. SympaRate is compulsary in knowing whether or not Symmetrical Docking of both Dragons is possible.

To successfully achieve the act of which, their SympaRate must measure 100%; any lower than this set target means it cannot be executed. If it is at 100% and it suddenly drops during Docking, then this means that the pair is forced into a state of pain as their systems struggle to meet. SympaRate that drops during Docking also means that a strain among the Dragons linking together is present that could put them at risk of a critical life-threatening malfunction.

Also, in the case of HyoRyu & EnRyu, the first occurrence of a System Change for them had rested solely on SympaRate, as either Dragon lacked the energy that is crutial in a successful System Change. Only the energy they would build up (from exposure to Mamoru Amami at the time of his outburst that triggered the energizing of his Green Planet energy and emit it in a widespread radius) could allow such an occurrence to take place.