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The King of Kings ~GaoGaiGar Vs. Betterman~ (覇界王〜ガオガイガー対ベターマン〜, Hakai-Ō ~Gaogaigā tai Betāman~, "Conquering Realm King ~GaoGaiGar versus Betterman~"?) is a web novel series which debuted on the Yatate Bunko website on June 30, 2016. It is written by Yūichirō Takeda and serves as a follow-up to GaoGaiGar FINAL and Betterman. In 2018, a manga adaptation illustrated by Masayuki Fujisawa debuted on the Hobby Japan website.

The Betterman 20th Anniversary Blu-ray box set released on March 24, 2019 featured renditions of Yuusha-Oh Tanjou! and Requiem based on The King of Kings, serving respectively as speculative opening and ending themes.

The bulk of the story takes place in 2016 A.D., and Mamoru Amami and Ikumi Kaidou are the main pilots of Kakuseijin GaiGo, a Neuromechanoid co-developed between GGG and Akamatsu Industries.


The chapter titles follow the same format as in Betterman, consisting of a word in kanji, followed by a related word in romaji[1]

number.00:A 終-FINAL-
number.00:B 序-HAZIMARI-
number.01 決-KESSEN-
number.02 鍵-RAKAN-
number.03 門-JUPITER-
number.00:C 卵-ORANGESITE-
number.04 兆-KIZASI-
number.05 恨-URAMI- 
number.06 縁-ENISI-
number.?? 謎-NAZO-
number.07 煉-RENGOKU-
number.08 禽-PHOENIX-
number.09 輪-RING-

The Manga version largely uses the same titles, however Hazimari is listed as number.01, and the first part of Rakan is split into a new chapter called 狭-MAKUAI-. The remaining chapters are renumbered accordingly.