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"THE POWER" (Kanakata: ザ・パワー Romaji: Za Pawā) is a mysterious, but highly unstable energy source with tremendous energizing and destructive potential. It is known to restore damaged computer programs (temporarily) and fossilized material, generate time-space wormholes, preserve human souls and also provide nearly limitless practical energy. Any mechanoid or other natural or artificial being that has been infused with this energy glows a bright orange color - this overrides the green glow that is normally produced by the G-Stone as well as the red of the J-Jewel, but alternates with the golden glow associated with the Goldion Hammer. It was first discovered within Jupiter.

In the audiodrama Dark Robot Adventure Spirit, it is also learned that the main computer of the manned Jupiros-5 probe had obtained sentience upon its own exposure to "THE POWER" - this computer—calling itself Yupitos—then has an intention of returning to Earth, where it threatens to "link" all of humanity to itself. Its efforts to fulfill its desire are foiled when it is destroyed by Soldato J-002 and the J-Ark.

"THE POWER" was first encountered by ChouRyuuJin after the fight against ZX-06. The collapsing ES window interacts with this power source, causing ChouRyuuJin and the asteroid to appear for a short duration within Jupiter before being subjected to teleportation to prehistoric Earth. The energy preserves HyoRyu and EnRyu's Super AIs and restores their bodies when Mamoru's pleas for help awaken them. They were then able to use "THE POWER" to enable new combinations with RaiRyu and FuRyu respectively to be created - shortly after the new combinations defeated the two Primevals that RaiRyu & FuRyu each struggled against prior to EnRyu & HyoRyu's arrival at their positions, the four Dragons are forced to disassemble their new combinations when it is revealed that HyoRyu & EnRyu are unable to hold THE POWER in their bodies for much longer because its properties are proving to be too overwhelming for Super AIs like them to resist a "suffering" effect that they experience after a while is spent with THE POWER being within their bodies. Then shortly thereafter, it was utilized by both GGG and the Z-Master in the climactic episodes of the television series, though neither side was ultimately capable of possibly controlling it. Following the Z-Master's destruction, certain parties in the UN start to take an interest in using "THE POWER" for their own ends; in the FINAL O.V.A., Koutarou Taiga—fully aware of its potential instability—is seen trying to prevent their interest's possible dangers (such as THE POWER's exploitation that leaves the parties unaware of the risks that could be associated with this energy) coming into effect by taking a stand against these moves, arguing against the parties that it should never again be used by mankind.

In The King of Kings ~GaoGaiGar vs. Betterman~, GGG plans to use "THE POWER" as a means to rescue the lost Braves. However, this plan is interrupted by a catastrophic EM surge that originates from Jupiter, accompanied by a projection of Genesic GaoGaiGar emerging from the same planet. Later in the story, it is revealed that "THE POWER" is a byproduct of an even greater source of energy known as "Oath Over Omega" (終焉を超えた誓い(オウス・オーバー・オメガ), pronounced Ousu Ōbā Omega in Japanese, literally meaning "oath beyond the end") or "Triple Zero" (トリプルゼロ), which is formed from the mass-energy of a dying universe when it collapses in a Big Crunch - from this universal embryo would arise the Big Bang of a new universe. Beings exposed to Triple Zero experience the same increased energy and regenerative capabilities observed with "THE POWER" but on a greater scale and also gain the extraordinary ability to transform non-living forms of matter into Zonder-esque "Zero Robos". However, prolonged exposure compels them to follow the cosmic law governing the birth and death of universes; they will consider the existence of intelligent life as a threat to the universe, and will act instantly to eliminate it as a safeguard measure. If the energy is removed via Purification, the affected beings will return to their normal state. The GGG braves, except Guy, were corrupted by Triple Zero when they attempted to return from the Trinary Solar System. Additionally, it is also revealed, according to Leo Shishioh, that the Z-Master was influenced by Triple Zero as well.

The official American release of GaoGaiGar romanizes "THE POWER" as "ZA POWAA", most likely to retain the "exotic"-sounding nature of this term for American audiences.