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Triple Flying Decked Carrier.png

GS-Ride-powered flying vehicle with red-colored trim docked on "Area I," or the Southwest position of the Hexagon. Resembles a comically bloated cargo plane. True to its name, the vehicle bore a front section that split open lengthwise to reveal three decks: two formed from either half of the nose and a third within the opened rear section.

Its first deck (within the upper half of the front section) was devoted to a "Mirror Catapult," which employed the antigravity properties of Mirror Coating to fire objects through the air at high speed. The Dividing Driver, HyoRyu and EnRyu were all launched from this catapult.

Its second deck (within the lower half of the front section) held a similar Mirror Catapult, later converted by Liger Shishioh to a "Mirror Particle Cannon"—similar in design and principle to the Mirror Catapult on the upper deck, but capable of using the same properties to generate a field that could deflect lasers and other energy weaponry. This was only used once, against EI-01 in tandem with Mic Sounders the 13th. The vehicle was quickly shot down by EI-01 after this, ending its service run - it would be replaced by Izanagi in the Gutsy Galaxy Guard.

Its third deck was a central bay from which flying vehicles (under their own power) could take off, using the upper half of the second deck as a runway. Galeon and GaiGar (the latter when equipped with StealthGao) were both known to have launched from this deck.