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Volfogg (ボルフォッグ Borufoggu?) is a stealth-oriented robot whose humanoid form is patterned on a ninja.

His primary mission is to protect Special Agent Mamoru Amami and act as an intelligence agent, his construction date is unknown but was seen in action soon after HyoRyu and EnRyu, his AI only taking 3 months to develop. He rides in the Multi-Dimensional Intelligence Submarine and Division III Susanoh, in which he appears to act as the captain. He can combine with the non-intelligent vehicle robots GunDober and GunGlue to become Big Volfogg, a much stronger and better-defended combat model with long-range attacks. Volfogg's vehicle form is a police car based on the Ferrari F50. Despite not being built for direct combat Volfogg is quite capable of keeping enemies at bay with his speed, stealth and agility.





Weapons and Abilities[]

Being that he is programmed with a ninja motif, Volfogg has certain abilities to that certain theme that can prove him effective in combat.

  • Iron Collar – A spiked ring attached to the end of a cable.
  • Jet Wapper – A long cuff-like device on the end of a cable, similar to the iron collar, which acts as a grapple.
  • Projection Beams – Volfogg can create 3-dimensional holographic projections to confuse enemies.
  • Fog Gas Dischargers – If needed, Volfogg can fill an area with thick smoke to blind enemies and disrupt transmissions, though he and the Gunmachines GunDober and GunGlue seem to have no trouble seeing in it.
  • Mirror Coating – Volfogg can cloak himself and disappear from thanks to his Mirror Coating, he can also use coat his blades with it to make them stronger.
  • Melting Siren – Volfogg's Melting Siren is based on Galeon's roar and has the ability to disrupt Zonder protective fields. When active the emergency lights on his body light up and emit a red pulse.
  • Sanmiitai – Literally "Three Become One", Sanmiitai allows Volfogg to combine with GunDober and GunGlue to form Big Volfogg.
  • Silver Moon – Offensively, Volfogg carries two "Silver Moon" throwing blades, to increase the blades' strength they can have a Mirror Coating applied to them. Additionally he can combine them together to form a 4-pointed "Silver Cross".
  • Ul-Tech Engine
    • Grippers –Using a Ul-Tech engine Volfogg can drive over water as if it was solid ground.



Notes & Trivia[]

  • Volfogg is the only one of the Robo Corps whose entire transformation sequence was redone for King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL - the rest use a mixture of stock footage from the original series with at least one new piece, resulting in noticeable color differences. Due to the addition of Volfogg's Mirror Coating to his Sanmiitai sequence and the alteration of the head designs of the GunMachines, all of the sequence is remastered and heavily altered.
  • Volfogg's "Sanmiitai" was mistranslated as "San-Ki Gattai" in the first fan subbed version of the series.