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Z-Master (Zマスター Zetto-Masutā?) is the combined form of the Zonder Master Program created by the people of the Purple Planet to direct and control the activity of all Zonder Metal. It is one of the most powerful enemies the GGG fought and the penultimate villain of King of Braves GaoGaiGar.


Z-Master is an extremely massive being whose size is nearly comparable to that of the planet Jupiter. Its height, while not exactly stated, is estimated to be around 30,000-40,000 kilometers. Its body is entirely orange and emits a similarly-colored bright glow, being that it draws strength from The Power. It is humanoid in shape, with humongous and wide wings, long extended hair strands, pointed ears, jaws and most notably, a single large eye with a red iris. Its hands are bigger than its own torso and the palm of its slightly-larger right hand has the halves of EI-01 and Pagliaccio's faces embedded on it.


The 31 Machine Primevals are the parts of the Master Program - when all 31 are gathered and at least one has not been Purified into its Z Crystal form, they can reform into the complete Z-Master. The Z-Master is massive, visible on a planetary scale and vulnerable to attack from outside only by a weapon on a scale with the Goldion Crusher. It possesses all of the combined strength and abilities of the 31 Primevals, and is directed from within by Heart Primeval.

During the battle at Jupiter, the Z-Master was further enhanced by utilizing The Power, which it absorbed from Jupiter directly through Hair Primeval. This ultimately proved to be a weakness as well as a strength, when Star GaoGaiGar, King J-Der, GenRyuJin, GouRyuJin, Mic Sounders the 13th and Big Volfogg entered the Z-Master's body through the same channel. Within the interior, they penetrated all of the way to the Heart, where King J-Der sacrificed himself to destroy the Z-Master by overloading Heart with The Power, which caused the entire Z-Master to swell and ultimately explode. This halted all Mechanization and destroyed all Zonder Metal, with the exception of the New Machine Species that dwelt deep within Mikoto Utsugi.


The Z-Master has two primary attacks: a bombardment of blindingly bright massive lasers fired from the fingers of its left hand, and a wide range of shockwaves emitted from the faces of EI-01 and Pagliaccio on its right hand.