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Zonder Metal

Minoru Inubouzaki on a viewscreen, infected by Zonder Metal

Zonder Metal is a material composed of what GGG refers to as Elementary Particle Z0 (likely itself referring to the actual particle Z0 in physics, also known as the Z boson). This metal was developed by scientists of the Purple Planet to absorb the stressful emotions of a living being and convert them into energy; indeed, the material was originally designed with a benign function in mind: that of reducing emotional stress. It is also said to grant "immortality" to its host, as a bearer of Zonder Metal can regenerate any sort of damage, and even thwart poisons such as Paras Particles.

Host subjects infused with the Zonder Metal that are not directly part of the Z-Master Program are called Zonders, which eventually turn into Zonderians. This "infection" may only be removed through the process of Purification. The matter created by the subject's stress is usually converted into a quasi-robotic form that retains some traits of the host, and then into a larger robot form related to the source of stress.

Zonder Metal emits energies counter to the G-Stone and J-Jewel, and even possesses the same structural design as the G-Stone.