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The Zonderians and Pasder.

Zonderians (ゾンダリアン Zondarian?) are the final form of Zonders that have not been subjected to Purification, and thus have progressed to their final stage of mechanization. Completely mechanized, they cannot be returned to normal by Mamoru Amami's Purification (though Ikumi Kaidou was able to Purify the Zonderians Pizza and Pinchernone without harm to them, suggesting that it was due to the sealed state of Mamoru's ability at the time that Polonaise was killed upon being Purified. It is also possible that only Zondarians based on full organic lifeforms cannot be purified, while those based on Cyborgs and computer systems can be). Like Zonders, Zonderians can fuse with machines to form large Zonder Robos for combat purposes, which they refer to as their "perfect forms" - however, they also possess some combat abilities even in their normal-sized forms.